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The Last Guardian Gets Release Date, New Trailer (VIDEO)

written by Bookwyrm June 14, 2016
The Last Guardian - E3 - Release Date

Oh, E3 — your surprises continue to elate. The Playstation presentation did not disappoint, revealing first looks at a PS4 Spider-Man game, VR followups to the Batman: Arkham series and Star Wars: Battlefront, and even another entry in the God of War franchise. But there was another bit of news that some gamers have been waiting years — years, I tell you — to hear. The Last Guardian, Team Ico’s followup to the universally acclaimed Shadow Of The Colossus, is FINALLY making its way to the Playstation.

The Last Guardian - E3 2016 - Release Date

In development since 2007, The Last Guardian was originally announced at E3 back in 2009 with a planned release for 2011. The game was meant to be a PS3 exclusive, but delays and complications forced a transition to the PS4 console and a shake-up of the developing studio, Team Ico. Regardless, Ueda and his team at genDESIGN (featuring several former members of Team Ico) are completing the game in cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it’s set to make its debut on the PS4 on October 25, 2016.

For those who don’t know, here’s the plot of the game, straight from Sony’s official write-up:

Facing unknown dangers in a strange and mystical land, an ordinary young boy and his gigantic feathered friend must rely on each other to survive in this harrowing story of friendship and trust.

Here’s the new trailer:

Once again, The Last Guardian hits stores everywhere on October 25, 2016.

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