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The Last of Us Part 2 just revealed at PSX

written by Alex Lopez December 3, 2016

There were a lot of surprises at PSX today, but probably the biggest surprise was the very early trailer for The Last of Us Part 2.

The Last of Us

The follow up to the 2013 Playstation hit closed out the PSX keynote and what a way to end it. The trailer shows an older Ellie playing a guitar with bloodied knuckles. We then get a shot of a mysterious figure walking into a house full of dead bodies. The figure is revealed to be Joel, who walks up to Ellie and asks her if she is really “gonna go through with this”.

The Last of Us originally came out in June 2013 and won several game awards. A remastered version of the game released in June of 2014 for the PS4. The story starts with an outbreak of a fungus that turns people into cannibalistic monsters. Joel, a smuggler in the Boston quarantine zone, is charged with smuggling Ellie to a rebel militia. Ellie holds the key to a cure of the fungus that has ravaged the United States. However, Joel starts to have doubts about the sacrifices required to find the cure.

It is interesting that Naughty Dog named the game The Last of Us Part II instead of just The Last of Us 2. The title seems to hint that there is more to the story than a brand new story. Maybe there is another entity pulling the strings of the Fireflies. Perhaps the Fireflies released the fungus responsible for the destruction caused in Part I. It is also possible that Ellie found out the truth that Joel shielded her from. Whatever the story is, I know that Naughty Dog will give fans a compelling story and not retell the same story.

What do you think, geeks? Who is excited about The Last of Us Part II? Sound off in the comments below and stick with DHTG for more from PSX as it emerges.

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