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Latest Pokémon GO Updates Bring Apple Watch Support, Bug Fixes, and Presents!

written by Jason Marcano December 23, 2016
Pokemon GO holiday-pikachu gifts

Pokémon GO is still going strong. Over the past few months we have seen Niantic update the popular app with new features and enhancements. There have even been special holiday themed events, like the Halloween update that brought with it more ghost types. The latest set of updates bring the game up to version 0.51.0 for Android and 1.21.0 for iOS. Though the patch notes claim only a few fixes (listed below) there may be more going on under the hood.

  • The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed.
  • Day and night modes have changed to more accurately reflect the Trainer’s current time of day.
  • Minor text fixes.

Before we delve into what is hiding in the code of the latest Pokémon GO update, another long awaited feature has come to the game. Starting  just yesterday, Pokémon GO can now be played on the Apple Watch!

Pokémon GO Apple Watch

If you’re the proud owner of Apple’s smart watch then you can now play Pokémon GO without pulling out your phone. Well, sort of anyway. There is one key feature missing from the Apple Watch version; The ability to actually catch Pokémon. Yes, you’ll still have to pull out your iPhone if you wish to capture the critters you see. However, the app isn’t entirely useless, here are all the things you can do if you play Pokémon GO on the Apple Watch:

  • Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity rings
  • Receive notifications about nearby Pokémon
  • Count distance toward hatching Pokémon Eggs and receiving Candy with your Buddy Pokémon
  • Receive notifications about PokéStops nearby and collect items from them
  • Receive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded

Pokémon GO’s Holiday Surprise

Thanks to data miners over at Slash Gear, we may have an idea of what holiday surprises Niantic has in store for trainers as 2016 comes to a close.  This is what the folks over at Slash Gear discovered:

This update is also bringing on a collection of code not yet activated. One of these bits in the code – but not yet live – is a set of holiday presents. Christmas Presents, one might also wish to call them. In the code they go by the name “Holiday Items” – in direct relation to the Shop.

There will allegedly be multiple tiers of these gifts, and Niantic is expected to announce exactly what this event means for Pokémon GO in the coming days. Based on the files found however, a safe estimate of the start date for the holiday event is December 26th. It was found that there is a gift available at the rate of one per day starting on the 26th and lasting until the start of the new year.

Pokémon GO gifts

IMG Source: Silph Road

Pokémon GO is rapidly expanding into the Pokémon game we envisioned it would always be. Constant updates from the dedicated team at Niantic Labs, and a committed fan base is keeping the game relevant. Have you geeks been enjoying the festivities? Have you caught any of the new Pokémon yet? Share your finds in the comments below!

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