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Does the Latest ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ Trailer Reveal Too Much?

written by Jason Marcano April 1, 2017

Four days ago, Sony released their latest, and very long, trailer showing off Spiderman’s first adventures in the MCU. Spiderman: Homecoming has been one of Marvel’s most anticipated films since we first saw Tom Holland’s web slinging abilities in Captain America: Civil War. What little we saw of Holland’s Peter Parker was enough start the hype. He had the attitude, the physicality, and the wit. Tom Holland was welcomed into the MCU with open arms by the fans, and rightly so. It helped that he was in one of the biggest action scenes in cinema history. But, even amid the crowded scene, Holland stood out.

Spiderman: Homecoming with cap's sheild

Spiderman’s Rough Ride Home

After the events of Civil War, Spiderman returns to New York and attempts to balance out his homework, the awkward high school social scene, and his superhero identity. It’s a familiar tale, and one we’ve seen three actors go through over 15 years (Sam Raimi’s first film came out in 2002) with varying success. But now it’s Tom Holland’s turn to don the red and blue suit in quite possibly the most important Spiderman film to date.

Spiderman: Homecoming has to succeed. Not only is it finally giving us fans what we’ve been begging for since this whole MCU saga started, but I’d venture this is a make or break situation for the web slinger. Five films deep, and no other iteration of Spiderman has resonated. Toby Maguire started out good enough, but by the third film he had forgotten what made the hero so unique. Andrew Garfield, while appropriately cast, never had the opportunity to shine in his messy CGI riddled films. So now, all eyes are on Tom Holland, and so far it looks like he has it in the bag.

Spiderman Holland

Did We Just See the Whole Film?

Clocking in at almost 3 minutes long, the trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming doesn’t seem to be leaving much reason to go to the theaters and shell out the cash to see it.

It’s a great trailer, don’t get me wrong, it did it’s job admirably. I, and I suspect many of you, are now officially on board for Homecoming. But, did Marvel pull the same mistake that DC did with Batman V. Superman? Many said that trailer left little for the movie to surprise audiences with. Regardless of your feelings on the quality of the film, I’d have to agree. The Batman V. Superman trailer showed us far too many of the action sequences and left only the mediocre drama and half-assed Justice League reveals for us to see on the big screen.

Let’s look at the Homecoming trailer bit by bit and see what, if anything is left for us in the movie itself.

  • Tony Stark aka Ironman mentoring Peter Parker aka Spiderman: The trailer confirms what we all knew leaving Civil War. Tony Stark would be taking Peter under his wing and guiding him on his superhero journey. We get many scenes where this is shown. We see Tony scolding Peter for being too reckless, we see him being fatherly and cautioning Peter about the dangers of the seemingly exciting life of the superhero, we even have moments where he comes to Peter’s rescue. Perhaps the biggest reveal, and the main thing that should have been saved for the film is his use of Spiderman’s catch phrase: “Friendly neighborhood Spiderman.”

Spiderman Tony and Peter

  • The Boat Scene: You can’t have a superhero movie without over-the-top action scenes, and Spiderman aims to please. However, the trailer practically gives us an entire scene with the incident on the boat and Michael Keaton’s Vulture. We see how the fight breaks out, watch as Spiderman struggles to fix the mess he’s made, then we see how Ironman swoops in at the last second to pick up the pieces, or in this case hold them together. After the action ends and the innocents are presumably safe, Ironman descends and wags his finger at Peter. He strips Parker of his high-tech, Stark Industries suit and tells Spiderman to slow his roll.

Spiderman Boat

  • Not so secret identity: This is yet another reveal that should have been saved for the film. As Peter’s best friend in high school, Ned Leeds was always going to figure out his pal was the “Spiderman from YouTube.” We also see Ned trying on the suit, asking a ton of hilarious questions, and generally being the goofy comedic relief Parker needs in his now stressful life. It would have been nice going into the film blind on how involved Ned was going to be in Peter’s life. Plus, him breaking that Lego model made me wince. Those things take a lot of invested time, and to see it just shatter like that is heart breaking.

Spiderman Lego Breakage

  • Homemade Suit and Final Battle: After the trailer walks us through the first two acts of the film, it actually goes on to show bits of the final battle. Granted we don’t know how it’ll end—Spiderman saves the day, maybe with a little help from Ironman. We do know that Peter will have to prove himself the hero without Tony’s fancy suit. In yet another reveal that really should have be reserved for the movie goers we see Spidey donning his artisanal suit. We also see him basically succeeding at being the Spiderman Tony wants him to be.

Spiderman on plane

What’s Left?

It’s hard to imagine there being anything else in this movie that the trailer hasn’t already shown us. Besides what’s discussed above, we also see landmarks exploding, and random confrontations with other villians/underlings. The only thing that’s left to see is, like Batman V. Superman, is the character drama leading up to the events in the trailer. I hope I’m wrong, and there is some mind blowing surprise that hasn’t been unveiled, but it really doesn’t seem that way.

What do you geeks think? Did the trailer show too much? I know I’m still going to see Spiderman: Homecoming when it releases on July 7th, like I said the trailer did it’s job, and I can’t wait to see it all play out on the big screen. Will you be going to see it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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