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Latest Trailer Builds More Laughs for Lego Batman Movie

written by Jordan Cobb November 8, 2016

A brand new trailer for the upcoming The LEGO Movie spinoff, The LEGO Batman Movie has dropped and it’s getting a lot more laughs in there before its release next February. Take a look at it for yourself below!

More so than ever felt in this trailer is just how satirical the humor will be towards Batman. One of the many recent perceptions of Batman has been that Batman can do just about anything ever because he’s Batman. This has been a common perception thanks to a few media adaptations of the character and Grant Morrison in the comics that expanded across multiple titles. Not to mention a lot of comedy sketches from TV and various online channels.

It certainly worked in The LEGO Movie as well thanks to not just the writing but also the excellent voice work of Will Arnett that heightened up the absurdity of Batman’s seriousness and how highly he thinks of himself. The film looks to not just be satirical, but also pay respect and tribute to the Batman mythos as well.


Also in this trailer is our first good listen to Rosario Dawson’s Barbara Gordon, who is the new Gotham City Police Commissioner, and Zach Galifianakis as The Joker, who seemingly gets upset when Batman says he considers Superman his greatest enemy instead of him as it cuts to a LEGO-ized version of the stare down between him and Superman from Dawn of Justice. That made Joker sad, as I’m sure it did a lot of other viewers that saw that film too.

The CGI and stop motion animation hybrid still looks great and given how deep and expansive Batman’s world is, its certainly gonna lead to a lot of creativity from the team at Warner Animation Group.

Sound off in the comments below, how excited are you for The LEGO Batman Movie? What characters do you hope to see in there?

The LEGO Batman Movie comes to theaters on February 10, 2017.

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