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Leaked Photos of Dead Rising 4 Released

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 12, 2016

Twitter user Wario64 released leaked screenshots of what is reported to be Dead Rising 4. In the photos, we can see what appears to be the main character using a variety of weapons and armor that are at his disposal.

As we can see in the screenshots, some of the weaponry that players will be able to use can range from baseball bats to chainsaws. Additionally, it appears that gamers will be able to wield a mechanized suit that gives the character super human strength. A GIF that was released by the same user suggests the ability to utilize electricity in some sort of fashion to decimate the zombie horde.

All of the images portray the main character being in what appears to be the downtown segment of a small town called Willamette. Despite the undead taking up residence, the down is festively lit with different forms of Christmas lights and a large decorated tree. Additionally, we can see snow covering the ground and vehicles nearby.

Dead Rising 4¬†is expected to be released for Xbox One and possibly the PC. The previously released game in the series was a Microsoft platform exclusive. Fans are hoping to hear more news on this game this week out of E3. Stay tuned with Don’t Hate the Geek for updated news out of the expo live all week long as we bring you the latest on all things geek!

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