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Is this leaked poster proof of Injustice 2?

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 7, 2016
It's the Injustice 2 poster

It's the Injustice 2 poster

It’s been speculated and rumored but could the above image of a leaked promo poster be the most solid hit yet of a sequel to Injustice?

We’ve seen Batman phones and other types of rumors regarding the possibility of an announcement of an Injustice 2 but this leaked promo poster is pretty damn hard to dispute.

The helpful soul said this Injustice 2 poster is being distributed to international Gamestop stores as a pre order benefit. The is cool even though the game has yet to be officially announced by Warner Bros. No one has had a system confirmation either. While it’s safe to assume PS4 and Xbox One, what about last gen and PC? Everybody under the sun has reached out to the publisher for clarification and once we of course hear back, we’ll tell you what we hear.

Injuste: Gods Among Us was probably the best fighting game for me last gen. Everyone wanted to find out what would happen if Batman had to square off against Superman. With I:GAU, fans got to do just that. So much fun. I’m hoping they also do another sweet collector’s edition with Batman again.

Any Injustice fans among us? Sound like some sweet news geeks? Brawl your way into the comments below!

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