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Leaked Sony Emails Reveal F4 / X-Men Crossover and Spider-Man Cameo in Marvel Civil War !!

written by Manny Popoca AKA: MannysPlace December 15, 2014


Spider-Man to cameo in Marvel movies

Spider-Man to cameo in marvel movies


The Sony hacker leaks keep coming and the news keeps being more astounding each and every day!!  This time the hackers who snatched up Sony Entertainment’s in-house secrets with the uncovering of company emails have found another informative nugget to share. As journalist groups keep digging deep into the vast amounts of virtual paperwork here’s all the juicy bits of information I can share with the general public about the Fantastic Four, X-Men franchise and a Spider-Man cameo!

Heres the latest news coming from actual emails from the Sony leaks:


X4 movie?!

X4 movie?!

Sony had planned a Spider-Man reboot (again), with a new lead as the role of Peter Parker to keep Marvel happy. As the newly uncovered documents show part of the plan is already in effect! Also the new leaked Sony emails have confirmed some very disturbing news about what could have been if some people had their way with Fantastic Four and the X-Men franchise.  It’s very chilling and almost upsetting news indeed!


Below Is the email dated October 13, 2014, from Michael De Luca, co-president of production for Columbia Pictures, to Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, plans for a Spider-Man three cameo in Captain America: Civil War, which is scheduled to hit theaters May 6, 2016. 

“I really feel, in my heart of hearts, that the new spiderman in cap 3 could just appear in his own film, be it sinister six or a kick ass spidey film of his own, after that intro in cap 3 and people would be cool with it,” wrote De Luca.


Spider-Man to appear in Cap 3


Email dated September 20, 2014, from De Luca to Pascal plans “Female Spider Hero” an Avengers-like superhero extravaganza incorporating characters from different upcoming Spider-Man-related projects (think Spider-Verse meets Avengers type movie)— also De Luca had a planned Fox crossover of the X-Men and Fantastic Four teams

F4 / X-Men

F4 / X-Men

“[Simon] Kinberg told me fox is steering Xmen and Fantastic Four into an eventual team up film,” wrote De Luca. “Seems to me maybe, since the Spider-man universe itself is deep, you guys should look at sinister six, new spidey, female movie and venom as linked pieces leading to eventual mega movie ala Feige and Fox and not stand alone single films. It’s early in all these and you can still map out a blueprint for connective tissue.”

So basically Sony saying Fantastic Four and X-Men crossover is a good idea. Also lets cash in on everything that has a Spider name attached to it and we’ll jumble it all together for our own version of a Spider-Verse type movie! Wow! They wonder why the fan-boys were screaming for Spider-Man to go back to Marvel!

Mark Bagley

Sony’s F4 is going down the toilet


So there it is, Spider-Man looks to be headed for Civil War. Sony almost screwed up Spider-Man even more than imagined! Also the  Fantastic Four confirmed to want to crossover with the X-Men film franchise! That’s right, the powers that be actually wanted to crossover the “new” rebooted Fantastic Four movie (that I think will be a debacle ) with the already successful X-Men franchise. The problem I see with that was it was involving the new rebooted F4 that has yet to unproven and a franchise that should never be tarnished. If this was ever really the case I am so glad we never got to see this project ever making it to even pre-production.

(X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled for 2016, The Fantastic Four in theaters in 2015).


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