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Legendary Actor John Hurt of Alien and Harry Potter Dead at 77

written by Jordan Cobb January 27, 2017

Legendary and celebrated actor Sir John Hurt passed away tonight at the age of 77, six days after his recent recent birthday.

As of this moment no official cause of death has been announced, but it is thought to be from complications of the early-stage pancreatic cancer he was diagnosed with in June 2015, which he had sent into remission by October of that year.

Hurt was a much beloved actor known for his presence, be that in front of the camera or providing voices for animated movies such as Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings animated film from 1978, and The Black Cauldron.

His best known roles range from his Academy Award nominated performance in The Elephant Man to having a Xenomorph burst out of his chest in Alien and as Mr. Ollivander in the Harry Potter films. He also was in the Hellboy films and the adaptation of V for Vendetta.

Hurt also took on several television roles, including the War Doctor in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor”.

Among his accomplishments were two Academy Award nominations, a Golden Globe Award, four BAFTA awards, including a Lifetime Achievement for his contribution to British cinema, and be knighted in 2015 for his services to drama.

He is survived by Anwen Rees-Myers, his wife of the past 12 years.

We here at Don’t Hate the Geek send out deepest condolences to the family and friends of John Hurt.

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