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Are You Ready To Play The Bad Guy In LEGO DC Title This Fall

written by Laura Mechem June 1, 2018
Lego DC Super-villains game poster

Chaos is coming!

Warner Bros. Games has announced that LEGO DC Super-villains will be hitting consoles on October 19, 2018. After teasing the release of a new LEGO game for some time with the cryptic catchphrase ‘chaos is coming’, we finally get a first look at a very different take on the LEGO games we know and love.

Every fancied channelling your inner DC super-villain?

The games sees the world’s protectors, the Justice League, up and vanish leaving the planet in the hands of the Injustice League! Of course, with no super-heroes around it could all be some rather dull villainy. Fear not, you’ll be battling a group of wannabe vigilantes by the name of the Justice Syndicate, as well as graffitiing some walls and striking fear into a few Gotham and Metropolis residents. General bad guy stuff.

Who will I play as on the ‘dark side’ of the DC universe?

It looks like the story will be all about Joker and Lex Luthor, with appearances from favourite super-villainesses Ivy and Harley. Reverse Flash, Deathstroke and Gorilla Grodd all make the teaser poster, and the ultimate bad guy? Looks like Superman super-villain Darkseid will also play a pretty big (and destructive) part.

Why should I be excited?

The question should be, why wouldn’t you be? The LEGO games are a hell of a lot fun and this one looks like a riot. Already the super-villains have been tagging the Twitter feeds of Warner Bros. games and LEGO with boasts of ‘legion of doom rulz’ and poor old Batman has been dubbed ‘The Dork Knight’. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – so something for all LEGO game loving console preferences.

Where can I found out more?

Check out the announcement trailer below and keep an eye on the Warner Bros. Games, TT Games, Lego and the official game twitter feeds for more news! Check out games retailers as well as it looks like there could be some limited edition LEGO figures as part of the promotional merchandising.

What’s your favourite Lego game? Will you be playing Lego DC Super-villains on October 19? Let us know in the comments!

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