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Lego Prosthetics Allow Kids To Build Their Own Arms!

written by Sin July 28, 2015


We all know what the picture above is.  We’ve played with them, or perhaps even unleashed a verbal assault on them after acquiring a new groove in the bottom of your foot in the wee hours of the morning. However  the loveable (and painful) toy we have all come to know and love has come a long way from the days of building a square house and plopping it down on that one large, flat, green piece.


Carlos Arturo Torres, a Colombian designer attending Umea University in Sweden, recently won a student open design prize (at the 2015 Core77 Design Awards) for his “IKO Creative Prosthetic System”.

This is perhaps the coolest idea I have ever seen, for a few reasons.  Not only does it improve the emotional well-being of the children (how cool to think you have a BIONIC arm like a superhero vs a regular prosthetic), and allows them to use their imaginations.  Not just in the creation of their own arms, but allowing them to also “hack” their limbs as well.  With more money and research, I could see this idea going far.

Video of the system in action.  These kids seem to be loving every second, and I don’t think any of us cam blame them.

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