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Leonardo DiCaprio Being Looked at for Joker Origin Movie

written by Jordan Cobb September 1, 2017

What was most likely one of the top comments wherever it was reported, it seems it could become real.

Leonardo DiCaprio is being looked at by Warner Bros. as the possible lead in their upcoming standalone Joker origin film and the involvement of Martin Scorsese is most likely one the key reasons. The involvement of the legendary director was said to be done in part of possibly bringing DiCaprio onboard so he could join any future comic book adapted film Warner’s will do. As well as give a big boost on the public image of the DC Extended Universe as well, since many out there and still criticizing the decision of creating a separate, non-canon line of films while still establishing the rest of the DCEU.

All this has come from sources within Warner is also stated that Scorsese’s deal isn’t even finalized. None has been made to DiCaprio so far and should he sign on the dotted line, it would become the seventh project they’ve collaborated on.

While a major in-demand actor, DiCaprio really has strayed away from more of the traditional Hollywood franchise projects, so the chances he will accept the role is highly unlikely.

What do you think of the news? Would you like to see DiCaprio in the role? If not, who? Let us know in the comments below!

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