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Leonardo DiCaprio Thinks It’s Time For A ‘Captain Planet’ Movie

written by Jason Marcano October 19, 2016

Captain Planet, amazingly, still hasn’t been made into a film. One would think that, with all the other 90s franchises given the opportunity to “ruin our childhoods,” Captain Planet would have already had at least one attempt at the big screen. Yet here we are, 2016 is almost over, and still no Captain Planet movie.

Well, Leonardo DiCaprio, his company Appian Way Productions, and Paramount are looking to change that. They hope they have enough Fire in their Hearts, and that the Wind is in their favor on these nostalgic Waters to release Captain Planet onto the Earth and into cinemas world wide.

Via Parade

Via Parade

The studios are in talks to make the film, and if they go through, Jennifer Davisson Killoran and DiCaprio will go on to produce the movie. They are looking at Jono Matt, a writer/actor/crew member who’s worked on shows like Sons of Anarchy, and Glen Powell who played “Trader #1” in The Dark Knight Rises, to write the Eco-film. Powell is also a star on Scream Queens and played Finnegan in 2016’s Everybody Wants Some.

The voice of the titular character, David Coburn, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently and expressed his desire to see the Captain’s message making a come back. In the interview Coburn mentions replacing Tom Cruise as the voice of the Captain. I honestly had no idea Tom Cruise once voiced Captain Planet.

“It just wasn’t working. They replaced him with me. I think I’m the only guy in Hollywood who can say he replaced Tom Cruise…”

The original Captain Planet series that aired from 1990-92 is perhaps more relevant today than it was all those years ago. It featured a diverse cast from around the world, and took to heart the “One Planet” message. Problems like global warming, over population, and rising tensions are strains on our fragile planet. Maybe the Captain can help us take “pollution down to zero” once and for all.

What do you geeks think? Is a Captain Planet movie a good idea? Who should play the Captain and what would it be about? I’m hoping for a Captain Planet V Captain Pollution movie myself.

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