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Lesson of the Day: Troll Samsung on Twitter and They Will Troll You Right Back

written by Quinzel Lee April 24, 2017
Falcon from Captain America Talking on Samsung's Twitter

Today’s news story is going to need some aloe vera because its a pretty sick burn straight from Samsung.

aloe vera burn on hand pun for Samsung's Twitter


Social media accounts are forever upping their humor and sarcasm and Samsung is no different.  I can barely remember the days of “come on into [enter fast food establishment here] for the latest [probably super unhealthy thing] for [some dollars] ninety nine!” It was usually something so easy and automatic you could just program a computer to spit it out. You would often wonder if there was actually a human behind those bland tweets. However, you never have to wonder if there is a person behind the keyboard now, because these social media accounts will get snarky right back with you.
So it was no surprise that Samsung would jump in with a little savager-y of their own, following the trend of Wendy’s and Denny’s.

The exchange started out with a friendly, normal status update on the Twitter-verse. Samsung asks its followers “Got your hands on the Galaxy S8? Show us the first photo you took.”

An array of cute kids, picture perfect landscapes, and even a very naughty doggy followed. All showing off the new phones’ crisp and clear picture definition. It was a lovely time to be had by all.

That is, until Samsung received a follower that wanted to let them know that their first pic was a (probably unsolicited) dick pic.

So what does Samsung do next? Well, instead of reaching for that block button, they came up with a clever and extremely petty comeback.

Yeah, that’s definitely a microscope.

Poor Edward, that really blew up in his face.

So what do you think? Do you think Samsung deserves a seat at the cool kids table for that one? Or do you think they need to cool it on being so savage? Let us know in the comments below.

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