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LG G6 is Official! Is 2017 the Year of the Bezel-Less Phone?

written by Jude Kasekamp February 7, 2017
LG G6 event invite with big screen that fits slogan

Yup, we called it, and now it’s official. The LG G6 will be revealed at MWC (Mobile World Congress), on February 26, 2017. The South Korean electronics maker sent out invites to the event, teasing a “Big Screen That Fits.”

LG G6 event invite with big screen that fits slogan

Not only will the LG G6 go toe-to-toe with other flagships, and try to capitalize on Samsung’s recent woes. It will also be free of bezels, with a screen touted as “Full Vision”. Superimposing the image on the left over the outline of the device on the right, it is apparent that the glass display will span from edge to edge. The massive screen should also fit comfortably in the hand, completely overcoming the biggest objection to phablets.

LG will certainly not be the first to release a bezel-less smartphone. The Sharp Aquos Crystal comes to mind, with its thick chin. And you can still pick it up for yourself for less than $150 right now on Amazon! Xiaomi took this to another level with the Mi Mix, which really showed where this technology is going. In addition to those niche devices, Samsung and others are rumoured to be launching similar designs this year. It may take these juggernauts to bring these screens to the mainstream, and iron out the little faults that the Mi Mix had. Perhaps the LG G6 will be the first to do that.

xiaomi mi mix ad with shanghai in background

As with any smartphone trend, many are looking to Apple to see what Cupertino will do with the next iPhone. Or, in the case of this year, iPhones (plural). As these Android phone manufacturers continue to innovate and think outside the box, I wonder if the iPhone will ever wow us all with something even more impressive.

Smartphones are more competitive than ever, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest news and trends. That’s why you should keep an eye on Don’t Hate the Geek, especially our Facebook. We will keep you all posted as these big stories come up!

What do you all want out of your next smartphone? Is a bezel-less screen on your wishlist, or is there something else that’s more important to you?

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