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I’m Begging You, Don’t Let This be the Final Design of the LG G7

written by Dominic Gomez March 13, 2018
Concept of what the LG G7 could look like

In the ‘please God no‘ pile this week, the fine folks over at TechnoBuffalo have come up with what they think the next LG flagship might look like. This is notleak, more of an ‘educated guess’. So let’s dissect this picture a bit. Let’s start on the back of the phone because, well, everyone likes a decent backside right?

The Backside

If we start toward the top of the phone we see something pretty familiar to LG phones. If this render holds true they will keep the dual cameras on the back. Although the orientation is a bit different from the horizontal setup I think keeping the dual camera setup isn’t much of a stretch. Moving down a bit we see the very familiar fingerprint sensor. I don’t see why they would change this. It’s in the perfect spot and it works incredibly well.

The Trainwreck (I mean front)

If I’m trying my absolute best to not be overly critical here, or if I just start at the bottom, it actually looks pretty good. There is almost no ‘chin’ to speak of and the screen stretches all the way across the phone. Then I have to keep going up, and what do I see at the very top of the phone? That damn notch. I get it, we need as much screen real estate as possible, but there needs to be space for cameras and sensors and whatnot. This just doesn’t look good. Just because Apple does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I know my voice is not the biggest in the tech world, but if anyone at LG is reading this please listen.

LG please don’t let this be the final design for the G7 (or whatever you decide to call it). I would forgive you if you removed the headphone jack. I would forgive you if you put a 2500mAh battery in the thing. Please, please do not make this with a notch. I’m begging you. If you need the inspiration for a different design, look at what Razer did with their phone.

What do you guys think of the notch in phones? Is it the ‘next big thing’? Or is it something that should never be seen again? Let us hear it in the comments!

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