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Like Unto a Thing of Iron: The Iron Fist Trailer is Here!

written by Jordan Cobb February 7, 2017

The final Defender has arrived! The official trailer for Netflix and Marvel’s Iron Fist, a month before it debuts and you can see it for yourself below!

Oh man does this truly look exciting!

We certainly do now get a full story of Danny Rand coming back home to reclaim his company and weed out those corrupting it, while balancing his duties as Iron Fist. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how that plays out, but my innerself is freaking out over some of things seen and mentioned. Like we once again see the Steel Serpent symbol, might we truly see his true enemy on screen? Even better question, how will K’un-L’un look and just how will they pull off the dragon Danny must fight to become the Iron Fist? Oh that’s real. Yes I’m serious and it’s awesome!

But we can ask more questions when March 17 gets here, but now back to how exciting it looks! Well for one the action is off the charts and there looks to be more than enough kung-fu action to satisfy me and many other fans and a secret hope I have, this outdoes all the fights on Daredevil. Both heroes are excellent fighters, but Iron Fist is more essentially a martial arts hero than our blind friend.

We get our first better looks at Jessica Henwick’s Collen Wing and the villains of the season, the Meachums in addition to Rosario Dawson once again popping up as Claire Temple. Honestly at this point she should think about charging the heroes.

Iron Fist is the last show we get before The Defenders finally arrives this year and I’m more than excited to see how they translate him to screen. If you’re curious for more of the hero himself, you can find some great stories involving him here!

What did you think of the trailer? What are your hopes for the season? Will you binge it all when it comes out? Let us know in the comments below!

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