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LimitStyle Lightning Port Saver Sponsored REVIEW

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 24, 2016

How many times have you reached to unplug your iPhone and just pulled the damn charging piece right out of the cable itself. I personally have done it twice. Once on purpose and the other I did by walking by and tripping over my cable. Little did I know that there are little savers out there that will help your cords last way longer plus they add a little part of badass to them as well. LimitStyle sent us out a few to try, here is what we thought.


First off they make a ton of different styles so you kind find something that really fits the mold and style you are going for with your phone or iPad. We got to check out the normal red ones shown below but loved the kick ass skull ones shown above. As you can see these are really help when you go to pull the cable out as you are not actually pulling on the cord itself but instead the saver. So far these have really helped when I was in a hurry to unplug as well. Plus for something that really adds a little style and color to what is otherwise the most boring part of your phone you can’t go wrong for the few bucks to grab yours. Check out the link below and get yours now.


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