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LinkedIn passwords hijacked, 117 million out there now.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 20, 2016

It's linkedin

Oh poor LinkedIn, at first your password hack attack back in 2012 was thought to have only been numbered at a scant 6 or so million passwords but it seems you guys got chomped for a lot more.

Those of you that still use LinkedIn should probably change them passwords if the site hasn’t already. Password resets are supposed to be going out for over 100+ million users who are thought to have compromised log in credentials. Again, even if they haven’t done so, you should do so. Can not be too safe anymore. Another thing that is a must is to turn on two step authentication, do it for every site you can.

The more infuriating deal with the mess is the alleged hacker behind the theft put the emails and passwords up for sale deep on the dark web. Even though the information was encrypted, they have close to 90% unencrypted. If I was prone to using a lot of emoji, here is where I would use a lot of angry faces.

Any geeks affected by this? Has LinkedIn reached out to you to fix it? Does this latest hack make you more leary of signing up for things? Blast the comments and let us know!

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