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Live Action Archer Movie, may have Lead Actor

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. June 5, 2016
Archer movie in the works?

Archer movie in the works?

Archer is an all time favorite animated shows about an incompetent spy/man-child. It’s probably safe to say it’s also among the best animated shows ever, and it’s looking likely that a live-action Archer movie is on the way! The producers of the show,¬†Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, already seem to have someone in mind for the part of Sterling Archer. The one and only Jon Hamm.

Jon Hamm to play Archer

Jon Hamm has already played Don Draper in Mad Men, so playing the smooth, alcoholic rogue Sterling Archer wouldn’t even be a stretch. He’s even already worked on the show as the voice of Captain Murphy in the ‘Sea Tunt’ episodes of Archer season 5.

Sadly it’s not likely to happen until the TV show has run its course, and personally I’d rather see the show keep going rather than wishing for it to end so they can do a movie instead. Thompson told the Daily Beast that they haven’t even settle on whether or not it will be live action. It may be a feature length animated feature, in which case the lead role would be filled by H. Jon Benjamin, the voice actor playing Sterling in the tv show.

I agree that Jon Hamm would be great for the role, as of course do the good people at “Sterling Archer Draper Pryce”, I’d think I’d rather see it animated. Although I’m a little curious if they’d have Aisha Taylor play Lana Kane for the live-action Archer movie.

Lana Kane

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