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Locke & Key in Development for TV Again

written by Jordan Cobb May 10, 2016


Joe Hill’s Locke & Key is attempting to unlock the television door yet again.

Original publisher of Hill’s beloved horror comic book, IDW has recently announced it’s going to adapt the series into a TV show with Hill scripting the pilot and serving as executive producer for the show. Though plans are in effect, there is no set network home for the show.

This is the second attempt in adapting the series for television as Fox had tried this before back in 2011 where a full pilot was produced, shot, and screened at San Diego Comic-Con International of that same year. They passed on it, but hope sprang up again when Universal announced they would try to develop it into a film, but nothing ultimately came of it.

We do already have at least one adaptation of Locke & Key already, a star-studded audio drama that was produced by Audible and featured Tatiana Maslany, Haley Joel Osment, and Kate Mulgrew. The success and overall reception to it was no doubt a catalyst in helping IDW give it another go towards TV.

For those just hearing about the book, Locke & Key is the story about the Locke family who are reeling from a recent tragedy who find their lives upturned by horrifying evils thanks to some magical keys. The series has been collected in full over six trades.

How excited are you to see Locke & Key as a TV show? Where do you think the show will be best suited? Let us know in the comments below!

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