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Looking Back At Constantine

written by GodzillaHam July 23, 2015


Thirteen, the unlucky number; A number of all things mysterious, deadly, and magical. The number of episodes in the series Constantine, and sadly probably forever. The series began last October and ended this February, never getting the extension past thirteen episodes. I’ve watched and read with a heavy heart as Matt Ryan, the actor who played Constantine, and many others have fought to keep the show alive. Even a transfer away from NBC ┬áto Syfy was considered, but fell through.

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I’m not going to mourn its loss too much (at least in this article), but rather look back on what the show has been and all the awesomeness it’s brought. Constantine took a character not too well-known outside of the devoted comic book circle of geeks and dared to show him in front of the world. There was always risk back in the dark ages before the Marvel Cinematic Universe and The Dark Knight Trilogy about making a superhero movie, but most of them were about characters who the general public at least had an idea about. Constantine was the bloke in a trench coat who came out of nowhere and swept many new fans, myself included, off our feet. He may not have lasted in the fickle realm of ratings based television (something I hate), but think of the loyal fans the show made, the greatest of which would arguably be Matt Ryan himself.

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From a creative standpoint, Constantine is awesome. It was nominated for four different awards. Constantine was nominated for the Saturn Award for best superhero adaptation television series from Academy of Science FIction, Fantasy, and Horror Films, USA, The People’s Choice Award for favorite new TV drama from People’s Choice Awards, USA, the TV Guide award for favorite new show from TV Guide Awards, and the VES award for outstanding visual effects from the Visual Effects Society Awards. It’s writing also was superb. It starts on a dark note. The hero, so to speak, doubts himself after so many failures, and he needs to be shocked back into the fight against the Rising Darkness. He slowly learns more clues and meets new and old allies alike who aid him, however unwillingly, in his crusade. What makes this interesting is John Constantine is shown to have many, realistic problems, but the show doesn’t go out of its way to try to make him into a “good” or “healthy” person. John grows through the thirteen episodes, but he is, and always will be, the same loveable scoundrel.

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The show may be over, but in the hearts of its loyal fans it will always live on. Kind of reminds me of another fan favorite show that only got 13 episodes about some rugged outcasts in space on a freighter who were always fighting to keep their sky. Who knows. Maybe Constantine will get a movie as well. But even if it doesn’t, I will always be proud to have been one of the people who watched this great work of art from start to finish.

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