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Looking for the NES Classic? Try winning the lotto

written by Alex Lopez December 13, 2016
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The new NES Classic is the hardest item to find this year. Since its release, it has flown off of shelves and is leaving people to pay hundreds of dollars to get one. Stores are helpless in their efforts to keep them in stock. Even Amazon can’t keep them in stock. ThinkGeek believes they have the answer.



In an effort to be “as fair as we can”, ThinkGeek has decided to enact a randomized lottery system. Here’s how it works: either login or create a ThinkGeek account, add the NES Classic to your wishlist, and then hope for the best. ThinkGeek will then randomly select an account and send out an email with a code to purchase the NES Classic. The code is only good for 24 hours. After that, the code will become inactive and another account will be chosen.

ThinkGeek will continue the lottery until they are out of stock. There is no indication as to the amount they will have, so get on it fast. The first round ended at 10AM on Monday, December 12th, but another round will go out at 10AM on Tuesday, December 13th.


The NES Classic has been selling for as high as $25,000 on sites like eBay. The mini version of the original NES plays 30 games via an emulator. The emulation is praised as being better than the Virtual Console on Wii and Wii U. There have been a few complaints about the system. The biggest of the complaints being the length (or lack of) the controller cord. There are some third party controllers and extension cables that help fix that problem, although they may not be any easier to find. Nintendo has said that more will come out before the end of the year. Even so, there is no guarantee of finding one before Christmas.

Sound off, geeks! Who is going to try their luck with the lottery?

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