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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art finally breaks ground

written by Khaled Arisheh March 18, 2018
Artist rendering of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Ever since George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney back in 2012, the semi-retired creator has focused mostly on philanthropic efforts and the occasional comment whenever a Star Wars movie is released. The only major project he has been connected to is just barely movie related. Lucas has been planning to build a museum dedicated to the narrative arts.

Although this project was first announced in 2013, the ground was finally broken last week on the L.A. plot which neighbors the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well as three more museums. With location and budget being a matter of debate for a long time, the ground-breaking ceremony was celebrated in excess. San Francisco and Chicago were the other candidate homes of the Lucas Museum and although not officially confirmed the budget is rumored to be around 1 billion dollars.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will initially house pieces mainly from Lucas’s personal collection including cinematic paintings, photography, digital art and more. A visit to the museum will give people the opportunity to enjoy everything from Norman Rockwell paintings to Star Wars memorabilia. The structure standing roughly at 290,00 square feet may easily fulfill the impressive scope and variety of promised exhibits, including daily film screenings.

At the ground-breaking ceremony for the space-age facility on Wednesday, Lucas made his first public remarks on the inspiration for the museum and his hopes for it:

Yes, this is an art museum, but Iā€™m trying to position it as an anthropological museum. In my feeling, popular art is an insight into a society and what they aspire to be; what they really want and what they really are ā€“ it is telling the narrative of their story, their history and their belief system.ā€

The filmmaker went on to explain his perception of narrative art:

Narrative art has always been popular. And I think the popular part of it is very important and that has a tendency to get lost in the hub-bub of the modern city. I believe all kinds of arts have a right to exist. I want to support all the orphaned arts that no one wants to see but that everyone loves. That is my dream for this.ā€

Interior design of Lucas Museum

Construction of the museum is expected to take four years and is based on the design of the 43-year-old Ma Yansong of MAD Architects. The architect’s futuristic designs, most famously the Harbin Opera House in China, surely caught the attention of the man that has linked his name to the birth of space opera when looking for people to bring his vision to life. Yansong himself is a self-professed movie aficionado and stated that he only became an architect after being rejected from film-school and will now forever be associated with the cinematic mastermind that gave us the Skywalker saga.

The Lucas Museum is set to open its doors to the public in 2022. Stay informed on news about the museum by visiting its site here.

Who is going to put it on their travel list? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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