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Netflix to the Rescue: ‘Lucifer’ Series Is Saved!

written by Katelyn Fiorentino June 17, 2018
Tom Ellis as Lucifer

Good news for fans of the Lucifer series! Netflix has added the show to its long list of originals, picking up with Season 4. Fox cancelling this drama wasn’t the end, and it sure didn’t go down without a fight.

After the cancellation of the three-seasoned Lucifer, the producers began to look for a new place for it to grow. Among the cable and streaming options was Amazon. Warner Bros. TV had some serious offers and considerations. Ultimately, they decided to go with trusty Netflix. Their originals seem to be doing well, so let’s hope they continue to crank out those seasons.

This Fallen Angel Won’t Fall Again

Fans of this comic book series were not happy with the decision to cancel the show. For the past month, the hashtag #SaveLucifer has been going around on the internet. Warner Bros. TV were in good company with their resolution to find a new safe haven for the show. They just couldn’t get enough of the devilish Tom Ellis.

Tom Ellis as Lucifer, holding mugs

I wonder if there will be any changes made to the show, considering the move. The premise of the show is Lucifer pays a visit to Earth, and stays a while. It is a completely suitable place for him. Tom Ellis takes the role of Lucifer, as he joins the LAPD in solving crimes. Who better to solve crimes than the fallen angel himself?

Lucifer wasn’t the only show cancelled by Fox. Popular comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine was not safe either. Luckily, their show got picked up by NBC. This cancellation brought up the heat of many unhappy fans. NBC couldn’t pass up fire like that. Now if only all cancelled shows would be brought back; I’m looking at you Firefly!

Thoughts on ‘Lucifer’?

So, are you glad the show got picked up? Do you think it was a good decision to let Netflix take over? Either way, the clearly beloved show has a second chance. Maybe 2018 is the year for second chances. Let us know all your hellish thoughts on this topic!

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