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Luke Cage Heads to New Orleans for Brand New Solo Comic

written by Jordan Cobb February 6, 2017

Can’t get enough of Luke Cage? Don’t worry there will soon be more of Power Man himself.

David F. Walker is set to write a brand new solo book simply titled Luke Cage that will be drawn by Nelson Blake II of Romulus and The Magdalena. It starts in May, but that does mean a month before in April, Power Man and Iron Fist will sadly come to a close. But for those still hoping for Luke and Danny to be dealing out justice, Luke will still be appearing in the upcoming Defenders book by Brian Michael Bendis.

The first arc of the book, which is of course designed for longtime fans and those who recently discovered him, sets Luke off to New Orleans to investigate the death of who he considered his second father, Dr. Noah Burstein, the man who gave Luke his powers.

Of the story, Walker told CBR that he’s playing with the respect and high opinion our hero had for Burstein in the comics he felt didn’t come across clearly on the Netflix show. “They’ve always had this strong bond and relationship. In the comics, Noah is always referring to Luke as being just like a son. And Luke tends to think of Dr. Burstein as a second father.”

He further added how Luke will discover more about himself while looking into Burstein.

What’s also interesting is the location of New Orleans, which Walker deliberately chose since he wanted to go somewhere outside the usual New York City setting because he wanted a place that felt foreign to Luke and that he wanted a large city with high crime rates and look at the significant disparity between wealth and poverty, so in a way he’s not straying too far from a lot of what makes Luke Cage comics great.

While I am sad to lose Power Man and Iron Fist, this new book certainly does sound intriguing in how it’ll explore the past of the Hero for Hire. Which you can by exploring the Amazon link here!

What do you think geeks? I’m excited for the book, but are you? Who all do you hope pops up in there? Let us know in the comments below!

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