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Mac & Cheetos? Great or bad idea?

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 23, 2016

Beware the cheesy goodness coming to your local Burger King, Mac & Cheetos! They sound almost like something your old college roommate would make if they were high. On June 27th you can buy these treats from your local Burger King and take part in deliciousness.

When I first saw this picture I thought that these were strange Puffy Cheetos, as these tasty treats look like a bright orange mozzarella stick. However, when you open the Mac & Cheetos up, they are brimming with mac and cheese! The outside of the Mac & Cheetos is covered with Cheeto crumbs and deep fried. Thus they will be a mixture of a Mac and Cheese mozzarella stick and a crunchy Cheeto. We can only hope that these will taste as good as they look.

Mac & Cheetos

Look at the cheesy goodness, your mouth just waters looking at them! Especially if you are a fan of Mac & Cheese and Cheetos! While Burger King has said these will only be here a limited time, remember when Taco Bell said that same thing about Baja Blast and the Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Tacos. Maybe if enough people demand Mac & Cheetos Burger King will make these a long term item. Or at least bring them back once a year like McDonalds does with their McRibs.

While we don’t know how long limited time could be, we can guess Mac & Cheetos will be available throughout July. Maybe through August as well, if supplies last. We can assume Mac & Cheetos will be offered as a meal with fries and a drink–well, there goes our dieting plans this summer! We don’t know exactly how much they will be going for, but we can estimate they will most likely be around $5-$7. Will you try these tasty treats?

Or will you walk right by them? Let us know in the comments!

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