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Madden NFL 17 Trailer [Video]

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert June 15, 2016

EA Sports is at again with another installment of their football series, Madden NFL 17. The series has been around since 1988 on MS-Dos and came to Genesis and SNES in 1990. The trailer has been released for the newest game and it looks incredible! The game is sure to provide beautiful detail in almost every aspect of the game visibly. From the cleats to sweat on the arms of the players, everything looks stunning! Additionally, the ambiance of the crowd and the sounds of the play on the field feels very immersive.

Madden NFL 17 will include some new features and redesigns to different components of the game to give players what they have been looking for. We will see a upgrade to the running game, as well as a total redesign and overhaul of the Franchise Mode. Also, a new “Madden 365” ball carrier user interface has been added to the game. It is aimed at helping players learn moves that are available to them, and the new “Path Assist” will help players find the best possible routes to get down the field.

Check out the trailer below and let us know in the comment section your thoughts on what you see so far!

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