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Geek Future: Magic Leap, the Next Step In Augmented Reality

written by Branden H April 29, 2016
Man adding a planet to the galaxy through AR

Rarely do the videos that slide past my Facebook wall catch my eye. Often they are the usual batch of vines, funny chuckles, and cute animals but every once in a while something good shows up. It’s a video that makes me dig out my internet shovel and start plundering the depths of the web to find the source of this impressive thing I just watched. Today it’s a video on magic leap brought to me via the HuffPost Uk Tech Facebook page that shows a concept video from the company Magic Leap concerning augmented reality. Watch it and then we will continue.

By using a small projector Magic leap is shining light into your eyes that blends in with the light already around creating crisp 3D images that appear to be there right in front of you.

Google invested $542 million dollars into this start up and looking at these videos it is not hard to see why. If Magic Leap could take this technology and make it affordable and easy to use the possibilities from a pure Geek stand point are endless. Imagine taking a tour in a Museum and the augmented display showing you how items came to be and glimpses into the life of what you are looking at. Technology makes our world smaller yes but imagine what it could open up with something like what Magic Leap is working on. We could tour Mars from the comfort of our home, or “swim” in the methane pools of Titan.

The applications behind this technology are infinite. A gamer could truly live the game without the need of a bulk VR headset, we could literally be in a movie based on how it was shot. Imagine being at ground zero during a movie like the Avengers; it would be amazing. On top of that families who lived nearly a world apart could appear to be sitting right next to you bringing us closer together once again without the need of a phone or other device.

Price however is the most important factor in all of these things but CEO Rony Abovitz assures people that it will be within the price range of today’s consumer mobile devices. Asked when it will be released and the most he will say is that it is not far away. The goal of his team is to blow the minds of their inner child and I cannot blame him, mine is already blown away.

The problem originally was how to get the idea of a hologram into the real world. Rony has tried numerous headsets throughout his career as a business entrepreneur and found them worthless. When he began to mull it over with an old friend even he started giving it up, the idea of a 3D hologram projected in any real size was just not feasible. Then it hit him as he woke up one morning, why not make it a hologram that only you see and while they won’t go into how it’s done the simple idea is that  a tiny projector shines light onto a transparent lens in a while that you would receive them in the real world. Rony sums up it:

“We’re spending half a billion dollars–plus to effectively make nothing happen to you, physiologically,”

If they can nail that idea it will crush the limiting factor that most VR’s still have. After a length of time your body just cannot process what is going on, your eyes are tired, your brain is tired. Magic Leap wants you to interact with the world with little more than glasses and potentially a controller in hand.

Ever since I saw the first stabs at augmented reality I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities of it. When the Iron Man movies came out it made me want Tony Stark’s computer and it looks like one day Magic Leap will be able to give it to me.  I’ll leave you with this last video to give you just another glimpse at what can be.


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