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The Magic School Bus will Ride Again- with Kate McKinnon at the Wheel

written by Maggie Little February 9, 2017

Netflix is set to revive one of everyone’s favorite childhood “edutainments” The Magic School Bus in a new animated series titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again. And we’ve just learned who’s going to be voicing the quirky, adventurous, and science loving teacher Ms. Frizzle-  Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon.


Whether you loved or hated the newest Ghostbusters film, one thing can be said for certain – as Holtzmann, Kate proved she can play a quirky, brilliant scientist. McKinnon’s sketches on SNL show how hilarious she can be, and how well she embodies her characters. It isn’t a stretch to envision this comedian as The Friz- funky outfit, odd (yet fantastic) outlook, whimsical magic science expeditions and all.

Originally titled The Magic School Bus 360° when the series was announced in 2014, the new series will feature “returning players and celebrity cameos”, according to Stu Stone, who was the voice of Ralphie on the original series.

Kate McKinnon inherits the role of the beloved, eccentric third grade teacher from Lily Tomlin, the original voice of Ms. Frizzle for the fifty plus episodes of the 1990s series. Tomlin won a Daytime Emmy for her work in 1996, and there’s no reason to suspect McKinnon’s portrayal will be any less spectacular.

For those who have never seen The Magic School Bus, or for those who would love to watch it again, Netflix is currently airing the entire original series. You can also pick up my favorite of the book series here

The Walkerville Elementary third grade class is in for some new, wacky adventures, that’s for sure. Whether they will run in to an octopus in the neighborhood remains to be seen. Regardless, we’re all in for a magical ride. Seat belts, everyone!


What do you think of Kate McKinnon as The Friz? Are you excited about the upcoming series? Let us know in the comments!

Source – A.V. Club

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