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Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones Could Be Seen in Future Superhero Series

written by kimmyink90 October 16, 2014


You may know Maisie Williams as one of the stars for the HBO’s big hit show Game of Thrones.  She plays as Arya Stark, a young girl that has enough wit and courage to get her through the toughest of situations.  While at San Diego Comic Con, news broke out that Williams was contacted by Screen Gems to take on the role of Ellie in one of their latest movie projects based on Naughty Dog’s game The Last of Us.  We haven’t heard much on the project, however in an interview with Flicks And The City, Williams did say she would be very interested in playing the role if the film were to still take place.  The project still remains without a script and director, but Williams still appears just as enthusiastic about the film as we are.

Flicks And The City asked Williams about the possibility of a superhero role.  Williams goes on to hint that there has been talk of the possibility of her playing a role in a new original series, but it’s still in the works.  She says,

“…  There’s not much I can talk about, but there’s actually been a very exciting project and a very exciting group of people who have approached me about a new series.  I can’t say the title, I’m not saying anything about it, but it’s in that sort of superhero vein…  Where the superhero is not super and just has great intentions…”

She goes on to note that it wouldn’t happen for another few years, so just like The Last Of Us everything remains unofficial, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cross our fingers.  Superhero movies are taking off and there’s a lot of talk about the need for more female superheroes.  On that note, we’d love to see more of Williams’ butt kicking!  Until then you can watch the interview by Flicks And The City with Williams here:

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