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Maisie Williams Teases Game of Thrones Season 7

written by Jake Tanner January 18, 2017

Game of Thrones: Winter is here

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones

Season 7 of HBO’s most popular show, Game of Thrones, can’t get here soon enough. Not only are fans chomping at the bit to see what the fate of Westeros is going to be, but the cast is excited for the upcoming season too. Maisie Williams/Arya Stark was asked on BBC’s The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw was asked if she knows how the show will end.

Williams had this to say:

None…And I make educated guesses and we try and get answers and bits of information and knowledge from the writers, but they keep it very close to their chest. But it’s so exciting, and particularly the end of this series, it’s just a great finale, and it makes me excited for the series after. Cause I’m, like, one season ahead of everyone else, and so, I get the scripts and it’s all really exciting, cause it’s all stuff that no one’s seen before, but then as soon as you’ve read it, you’re like, ‘But I want the next season now.’…People should be very, very excited.”

It doesn’t sound like anyone from the cast knows how the show will end, as she added this:

All the time! And we go out for drinks and stuff, and we just end up just talking about the show, and then because we’re a season ahead, like, we have to really watch what we’re saying because you don’t know who’s listening to your conversation…Because we’ve been on this show from the beginning, like, you forget that it is so popular, and so when you start chatting about, like, possible story lines, you, like, realize, ‘Oh, I should actually keep this quiet. Cause people are gonna think we actually know what’s gonna happen.’ Even though we’re just speculating like everybody else.”

What do you guys think? Does the cast know how the show is going to end? My money is on no. The show is too big to let any details like that slip out, something would surely leak. We’d love to hear your thoughts and fan theories, so join in on the conversation in the comments below!

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