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Mallrats 2 to be 10Ep. Series – Kevin Smith

written by Jason Marcano June 10, 2016

During an early morning call to  Pennsylvania radio station 93.3 WMMR on The Preston and Steve Show fellow geek and film maker Kevin Smith shed some light on the details surrounding the long awaited Mallrats sequel, aptly titled Mallrats 2. He also took time to discuss his soon to be released “Yoga Hosers.”

During the call he explains the difficulty of making a sequel to a 20 year old movie, especially a cult hit which, financially, didn’t really do all that well. Netting just over $2 million by November of 1995, and for a movie with a $6.1 million dollar budget it doesn’t exactly scream success. Nonetheless, the fans have spoken and the studios have listened by green lighting the sequel.

Smith cites his recent gig on CW’s The Flash as bolstering his career and being “the salvation to [Mallrats 2].” The episode directed by the Fatman on Batman received praise from fans and critics alike, calling it his “best work ever.” In fact Kevin is set to direct another episode of The Flash which films in August, and is sure to be another hit.

“Because of doing an episode of The Flash, doing these other things that I’ve been slogging through and trying to make happen, suddenly they get way easier; I’ll take that.”

Mallrats was released in 1995. It was about two guys, T.S. Quint (Jeremy London) and Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee), who recently broke up with their girlfriends and decided to seek refuge in the local mall—an activity many 90s kids did. Upon arriving at the mall they learn Quint’s ex will be at the mall for the filming of dating show Truth or Date.  Naturally hilarity ensues as they run into all manner of characters and shenanigans in the mall. The film was full of celebrity cameos, and names that would later become much bigger. It even had a Stan Lee cameo!

Kevin Smith not only directed this movie but he and long time best friend Jason Mewes reprise their classic roles as Jay and Silent Bob.


Filming dates of Mallrats 2 is still TBD, but Kevin has already picked the location; The Exton Square Mall located in Exton, Pennsylvania. Smith says more info will be coming soon as more of the pieces fall into place. So be sure to stay tuned, because as soon as we hear more we will let you know.

If you need a refresher, the trailer to Mallrats is below:

You geeks as stoked as I am to see Kevin Smith back in action and on top of his game? Let us know your favorite Kevin Smith projects in the comments below.

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