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Man-Thing Miniseres Revealed to be R.L. Stine’s Marvel Project

written by Jordan Cobb December 9, 2016

Last month it was announced that Goosebumps author, R.L. Stine would come to Marvel Comics and write a book for them. This was said during a Reddit AMA and not much had really come out about that since then, which left many speculating as to what hero he would be writing, or what type of book he’d be doing for them. Wonder no more for he is writing Man-Thing!


Stine himself confirmed this through the New York Times that he is writing a five-issue miniseries based around the Marvel monster and that this project has always been a dream of his to do stating that being a comic book artist was really his first ambition. Stine Elaborated on that saying, “I started doing these little comic books in the fourth grade: ‘Super Stooge,’ the dumbest hero on earth. I was terrible. I had no choice but to be a writer.”

German Peralta will draw the artwork for the book and each issue will also have a short back-up horror story from Stine himself, but with a different artist for each back-up story. Stine said that the book is drawn upon iconic horror comics from the 1950s, most notably Tales from the Crypt. He also said that he hopes to bring a little bit of comedy into the book as well.


Now to those reading this that might not know of Man-Thing himself, the character is an empathetic, semi-intelligent humanoid swamp monster from the Florida Everglades where he is also the sole guardian of the Nexus of All Realities, a multi-dimensional portal. He’s a big guy and doesn’t really move all that fast. He first appeared in Savage Tales #1 from 1971 and was created by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway, and Gary Morrow.

Traditionally in the comics, Man-Thing is mute, but in this miniseries according to Stine, “He can talk and he’s very sarcastic.”

How excited are you for this book? Is it a perfect fit for R.L. Stine? Let us know in the comments below!

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