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Marco Rubio at Trump Meeting: No Evidence Linking Violent Games

written by Tyler March 10, 2018
Trump, shrugging beside Rubio

One would ask, “Why are we all here?” at Trump’s latest meeting regarding the link between the recent Parkland murders and violent video games. And the answer?

No one has any clue.

Can I Get an Expert?

Recently, Trump announced he’d be meeting with bigwigs from the video game industry, as well as other moral watchdogs who have political agendas. Let’s take a quick look at some of the fine folks who were in attendance:

-Marco Rubio, Florida Senator.
-Vicky Hartzler, Republican representative from Missouri.
-Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Council.
-Melissa Hensen, program director for the Parents Television Channel.
-Robert Altman, CEO ZeniMax (Fallout series).
-Strauss Zelnick, CEO TakeTwo Interactive (Grand Theft Auto series).
-Michael Gallagher, leader of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association).

So, no experts present. Not one scientific group. Just more people who have an agenda of their own. Even Senator Richard Blumenthal refused to even attend Trump’s meeting, stating:

“Focusing entirely on video games distracts from the substantive debate we should be having about how to
take guns out of the hands of dangerous people.”

Did This Trump Meeting Even Have Worth?

Someone, and I’d love to find out who, cobbled together this “montage” to demonstrate violence in games at the meeting:

Yes, someone that gets disturbed by that montage is probably the same person who feels grossed out by Family Guy‘s satire. It’s lack of exposure. Now, ask us if you think Trump’s meeting had any merit or actually moved forward in any capacity. Yeah, you know the answer. Even the opposition to video games knew the answer. Hartzler (a Republican representative) said:

“Even though I know there are studies that have said there is no causal link, as a mom and a former high school teacher, it just intuitively seems that prolonged viewing of violent nature would desensitize a young person.”

The fact that a congresswoman considers using intuition as opposed to scientific data for lawmaking isn’t scary at all. Now, most importantly, Marco Rubio touches on the wonderful ESRB labels:

“Parents are aware of the resources available to them to monitor and control the entertainment their children are exposed to.”

There’s nothing more to say. Everyone knows this meeting was scapegoating at its finest. A gathering with no utility and only serving to distract and promote the contentious debate between lawmakers’ “intuition” and proven data.

Marco Rubio, who was present at Trump's meeting

(AP Photo)

What’s Actually Being Done?

Well then, outside of that oh-so-useful meeting, Marco Rubio announced new legislation restricting gun ownership. It would allow authorities (and family members) to get a court order to block individuals they deem “dangerous” from getting a firearm. I mean, it’s a step in the right direction, right?

It’s a hell of a lot more progression than having a useless get together at the White House, in the only country in the world with such a high rate of gun crime. What do you guys think? Do you think this meeting had any merit? Let us know in the comments.

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