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Mario Jumps Into the Mobile Market With “Super Mario Run”

written by Jason Marcano September 7, 2016

As most know, today was a big day for Apple. The iPhone 7 was introduced to the world with much fervor. Mixed among the headphone jack controversy and other hoopla came a surprising announcement indeed. Shigeru Miyamoto sauntered onto the stage to introduce Super Mario Run for iOS.

Nintendo has been expressing interest in moving into the mobile market for some time now. They dipped their toes in earlier this year with Miitomo which has been downloaded over 5 million times in Google Play. Miitomo is basically a glorified chat-room, so Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s first real foray into the mobile gaming market. Check out the legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto introducing the game at the event live in the video below.

The video only mentions releasing this holiday season on iOS, but when speaking to Kotaku after the event Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would indeed be coming to Android at a later date. So, thankfully, us ‘Droids out there won’t be left in the dust of Rainbow Road.

Shortly after the event Nintendo released the following gameplay video of SMR.

Nintendo is touting SMR as the first Mario game one can play with a single hand. The game is played like the many infinite runners already on the market. The big difference? Super Mario Run will not be free-to-play. SMR will be a premium app so you can expect the finesse and polish Nintendo is known for, especially when it comes to their big stars.

Super Mario Run Wall

Nintendo also mentioned a few features but did not show them all off. One, which they did show, was the ability to challenge friends in a special “Battle Mode” to see who can amass the most coins. A ghost of your competitors Mario will follow you around the stage showing you the path they took to get the score they did. This was tied into a feature that wasn’t shown.  Apparently players will have their very own Mushroom Kingdom to populate with Toads. The Toads will move into your Kingdom whenever you do a “daring move” in Battle Mode.

Super Mario Run Bowser

Nintendo also revealed that a set of Super Mario Stickers will be available once iOS 10 is launched officially on September 13th. So now, if you geeks have an iPhone, you’ll be able to send Mario’s mug to your friends and family. Will you be picking up Super Mario Run when he makes the leap to iOS this holiday?



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