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Mario Kart On Ice, Because Why Not? [VIDEO]

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert May 20, 2016

It may be playoff season for the NHL, but sometimes you just got to get a quick session of Mario Kart in. Last night at game 3 of the eastern conference finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins, fans were treated with a video projection of Mario Kart with a couple of additional characters added. Thunderbug, who is the Tampa Bay Lightnings mascot, was featured as one of the characters racing.

The enormous display of the game was projected on to the ice while the jumbo-tron showed the leader board. Thus a great mash up was created between video games and sports. All gathered together to enjoy a distracting moment of 8 bit nostalgia. The Tampa Bay crew were likely hoping the retro moment would revitalize the home crew as Pittsburgh scored just moments before the period came to a close.

Though it was clearly not any official release of Mario Kart, it did feature well known characters that we are familiar with like Bowser, Toad, and Mario. We do not know if this was a recording or being played by fans and streamed down to the ice. Either way, it’s a neat feature that fans hope to see more of in the future. Because why use your typical display when you can use a 200 ft long by 85 foot wide ice rink to play on?

Too bad the Lightning did not do as well as Thunderbug appeared to be doing, they eventually lost to Pittsburgh 4-2 and will continue on to game 4 tonight. What do you think about the between periods featured entertainment? Is this something you would like to see more of at sporting events?

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