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Mario Odyssey: A New Globe Trotting Adventure and His Living Hat

written by Jason Marcano January 13, 2017
Mario Odyssey Hat

When I saw the hard asphalt and cold steel in New Donk City, I didn’t know what I was watching. I most certainly wasn’t expecting a new Mario game called Mario Odyssey.

Mario Odyssey CityWhen everyone’s favorite plumber jumped out of that manhole pictured above my initial reaction was “what the f-?” But then the trailer, posted below, started easing my soul. It’s okay, the trailer said, this is still a Mario game. You’re right trailer, I realized as Mario wall-jumped between skyscrapers and jumped rope with citizens in the park, this is going to be a great Mario game.

Mario Odyssey certainly doesn’t come off as the typical Mario adventure at the outset, but once you watch the trailer for Mario Odyssey, it will all make sense. Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach with the intent of marrying her. You’d think he would have learned by now that Mario won’t let this mess fly, yet here we are again.

Mario Odyssey wedding

In Mario Odyssey, Mario will travel the world in an attempt to foil the dastardly plans of his life-long nemesis Bowser. Nintendo describes it as the first sand-box Mario since Mario Sunshine. Using signature moves and some new ones, the spry plumber will go to the ends of the Earth and beyond to save Peach. Some of Mario’s new moves include being able to toss his hat as a weapon, he can also throw it in front of him and use it as a temporary platform, Nintendo says there’s more to the hat than what is seen in the trailer, but we will have to wait for more information.

Mario is also seen collecting things other than the traditional coin. Bolts and other objects dot the stages as more mechanical enemies are tossed into the mix with the normal Koopa Troopas and Spiny foes. Mario will get around the world using some sort of airship that looks like it may be up-gradeable. There is a lot going on in the trailer, check it out yourself.

In order not to compete with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildMario Odyssey will not be a Switch launch title. It will instead come out during the holidays of 2017. What did you geeks think of the trailer above? Is it too different? Is this the breath of fresh air Mario needed? How ready are you for Mario Odyssey? Let us know in the comments below!

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