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Mars One Final 100 Begin Training

written by April Carvelli February 18, 2015

mars1-2 There were over 200,000 applicants for a one way trip to Mars and now the non-profit group, Mars One has narrowed it down to just 100.

One hundred lucky people will get the chance to train and be one of the lucky remaining few who can step foot on Mars, never to return to their home planet. Well except for one. M1-K0 has also made the cut, which I suppose makes some sense if you consider that he claims to be a native Martian. I guess, if he makes the final cut that would make him the tour guide.

The next step for the remaining 100 applicants is training. The candidates will be divided into teams and will train at a facility that is supposed to mimic the planned Martian base. If you didn’t make it, don’t worry, you can always apply at SpaceX when they decide to head to the red planet.

In the meantime I suggest you check out the profiles of M1-K0’s and his fellow Martian trainees.

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