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Marvel Comics Overhauling Digital Redemption Codes for Printed Books

written by Jordan Cobb January 12, 2017

Ever since 2011, Marvel Comics had codes along with their printed books, both individual issues and trade paperback that offered a complimentary digital copy of whatever customers had just purchased. That’s all about to change come next month.

Marvel has announced that it is completely overhauling the digital redemption codes and only offering them about two or more digital issues starting in February and that the digital books being offered will change from week to week.

The digital issues being offered when this is implemented are Civil War II #0, the first issue of the current Captain Marvel run, and Wolverine #66, the first issue of the Old Man Logan story arc.

Senior Vice President of Sales, David Gabriel said of the decision, “Marvel is continuing our commitment by offering our fans the best value in comics along with honoring our cornerstone of the comic book industry – the retailers. Our intent in evolving our digital code program is to offer our fans more value per dollar spent.  Replacing the free digital copy, our bonus digital comics will offer fans free entry points for current on sale collected editions and, in turn, invite additional and repeat traffic into our trusted retailers.”

I’ve taken advantage of these redemption codes myself in the past and found them to be a great read in addition to a nice value. I’ve personally been reading all single issues of comics digitally for the past few years now and bought the trades in print, depending if I like the series enough or a certain storyline.

Though this move has been met with some criticism, particularly from a Change.org petition started by James MacDonald of Calgary Canada, which is almost certainly a pseudonym since James MacDonald is the civilian identity of Alpha Flight leader, Guardian. Or maybe his parents are really big fans of the popular Canadian superhero team; take your pick.

The petition reads, “Marvel Comics has just decided to change how they run their digital code program. They will no longer give digital copies of the title purchased but instead give a set book(s) each week. Please help have this decision changed to actually give fans/customers the best value for their money.”

There are as of right now 576 signatures out of the desired 1,000.

What are your thoughts on this? Upside? Were you a big fan of the redemption codes? Let us know in the comments below!

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