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Marvel, Netflix Show Off Luke Cage and More at SDCC

written by Jason Marcano July 22, 2016

Thursday one of the biggest annual “cons” kicked off, the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). A highlight of the opening day was a panel in which Marvel and Netflix let us in on details concerning the future of their fruitful partnership. The panel opened with a sizzle reel of Daredevil aka Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

The video is a recap of the exploits of Jessica and Matt Murdock, events we’re all familiar with by now. The stand out of this sizzle reel is definitely Mike Colter’s Luke Cage. Not only do we revisit the powerful scenes he was in on Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but we also see what Cage will be up to in Hell’s Kitchen on his own.

When we last saw Luke Cage it was after the strenuous relationship between he and Jessica came to an end after defeating the mind controlling villain Kilgrave. Cage was on a mission to avenge his wife and was devastated to discover that Jessica, a woman he had finally begun to trust, maybe even love, had been the one responsible for his wife’s death. Granted Kilgrave was controlling Jessica when she killed Cage’s wife, but he couldn’t look at her the same after that. So Luke Cage left to handle his own business, sans Jessica.

Luke Cage

We discovered mid-way through the run of Marvel’s Jessica Jones that Mike Colter would be getting the chance to have his own series devoted to the character Luke Cage. Picking up where we left him in Jessica Jones we will finally be able see what the man with the bullet proof skin is all about.

Netflix and Marvel were all too pleased to debut the trailer for “Luke Cage” Thursday night at the SDCC as well.

Luke Cage is a more down to earth and grounded character than Jones or Daredevil. The action looks more in your face and personal. Cage, more so than Jessica or Matt, is part of the city. A citizen who just wants to clean up the streets.

The short trailer sets the tone for what to expect from the series. Executive producer Cheo Coker spoke on what he was going for with the Luke Cage series saying: Every episode of “Luke Cage” will be named after a Gang Starr album, and that he wanted it to be the “Wu-Tangification of the Marvel Universe.”

You can see, or rather hear, in the trailer that music plays a vital role to “Luke Cage.” Cheo had music in mind while making the show and tried to have the music express the soul of the series. “Luke Cage” debuts in its entirety September 30th on Netflix.

Iron Fist

Luke Cage wasn’t the only hero/anti-hero to show up during the Marvel and Netflix Panel. The audience was also treated to two brief teasers for two other planned shows in the Marvel Universe: “Iron Fist” and, perhaps most titillating, Marvel’s “The Defenders.”

Iron Fist, played by Greg Cipeswill soon be joining Jessica, Daredevil and Luke Cage in grimy Hell’s Kitchen.

The Defenders

The four denizens of Hell’s Kitchen will eventually team up in Netflix’s version of The Avengers, “Marvel’s The Defenders.” The teaser doesn’t show much at all, but the premise is promising.

Set to a remix of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” The short video only shows us who to expect in the show, but the vibe it gives of is tingly. Seeing these for characters together should lead to some truly interesting scenarios if Marvel’s latest superhero slug-fests in theaters is any indication.

Punisher M.I.A.

Unfortunately there has yet to be any news of the confirmed “Punisher” series Marvel and Netflix plan to release. Though star Jon Bernthal was at the panel to kick it off, nothing of note was announced concerning his show. This suggest it is still a ways off and that Marvel and Netflix are using this time to focus on the build up to “The Defenders.”


So geeks, get ready to go back to Hell’s Kitchen when Marvel and Netflix debut “Luke Cage,” and kick off the run to “The Defenders.” It’s a great time to be a comic book fan, a Marvel fan, and to have your mom’s Netflix password. Let us know much are you looking forward to these shows!

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