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Marvel Confirms Creative Control on Spider-Man

written by Jordan Cobb April 27, 2016

When it was announced that Spider-Man was coming home to Marvel Studios and was being brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe many rejoiced. Its such a huge homecoming that it is even the title of web-head’s solo film in 2017. Now there is a news of Marvel confirming who has creative control over Spider-Man which is big news for the future of the franchise.

One noticeable thing was that Sony was still involved, it was a merger as they still hold a good portion of the movie rights to the character and many have since speculated as to who exactly has the final say over the product.

Now it seems we no longer need to wonder. At the Captain America: Civil War premiere – the YouTube channel HeyUGuys interviewed Marvel Studios President Kevin Fiege and asked about the progress of Homecoming and how important it was to get Peter Parker in the MCU.

Fiege explained how good things are between him and Sony since he’s known execs Amy Pascal and Tim Rothman for years and that Sony has been really supportive of Marvel making the creative decisions.

Rest easy now true believers, Peter Parker might just be in the right hands after all.

You can view the full interview and other MCU tidbits dropped by Fiege below:

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Captain America: Civil War opens May 6, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be swinging towards us on July 7, 2017.

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