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Mass Effect Andromeda trailer dropped at EA Play and Oh yeah!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 12, 2016

I love E3! Even if I’m not there, sometimes it’s best to not be there because I get to watch the HD trailers of cool games like Mass Effect: Andromeda in the comfort of my chilled office.


While my cohorts are packed for the annual E3 conference, I’m sitting comfortable at home holding down the fort. So many good leaks and announcements have already hit the interwebz and man can we talk about the sexiness that is the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer?

There was a lot of behind the scenes stuff, showing off the very hard work that Bioware is putting into our beloved Mass Effect franchise. With the increased power of the Xbox One and the PS4, we’re seeing some beautiful graphics and playthings. The in game graphics alone in the trailer for what isn’t even beta is looking swell.

Nothing too story related to Mass Effect: Andromeda was given away in this recent trailer. I won’t give away too much but the end was something to see though. I wish more of what we can expect from the insanely awesome story makers at Bioware was shown but, eh, we take what we can get.

Well Mass Effect geeks. Andromeda? Yay or nay? What do you think of the latest trailer? You know how I feel but I’m a ME fanatic. Flip open the omniblade, cut a path to the comments and pick a side. Paragon or renegade. We won’t judge, it just might limit your conversation options.

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