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Mass Effect Is Dead, For Now

written by David Hayes May 12, 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda title

BioWare and EA have reportedly put Mass Effect on hiatus.

Mass Effect has had a rough couple of years. Its third installment received harsh criticism for seemingly giving up on the story that drew fans in, to begin with. Its latest spin-off Andromeda isn’t fairing much better, with a reception that could be described as polarizing at best. After missing the mark multiple times, it seems that EA is putting the franchise on ice. Sources close to BioWare are saying Mass Effect is on an indefinite hiatus and they are in the prosses of transitioning BioWare Montreal, who developed Andromeda into a support studio.

Now no one is saying that we’ll never see another Mass Effect game. The franchise could very easily make a comeback after giving fans some time to miss it. That said BioWare and EA have other projects that need their attention. Many members of BioWare’s Montreal team were recently moved to EA Motive to work on Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It’s believed the rest of the team will focus efforts on BioWare’s new mystery project, code-named Dylan, set to release in 2019BioWare will likely officially unveil this new project at E3 this year. The point is BioWare and EA have better things to do than focusing on a franchise with waning popularity.

Mass Effect: Andromeda released in March and was mostly forgotten soon after. Gameplay was fine but fans and critics weren’t happy with the story or graphics. It was the first game headed by BioWare Montreal and likely the last now that they are a support studio. BioWare Montreal was founded in 2009 to help with Mass Effect 2 and 3 downloadable content. Those few left at the Montreal studio will now work under Bioware Austin and Edmonton on their projects.

While this news might disappoint some fans it is the right move for BioWare and Mass Effect. The worst thing they could do is overstay their welcome after two disappointments in the franchise. If they can regain some favor with their new games they can come back to the franchise strong when the time is right.

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