Saturday , 25 February 2017

Mass Effect plus Suicide Squad? Sign me up! [VIDEO]

Zeb Ekeroth, the co-creator behind the awesome Suicide Squad recreation in Fallout 4 using in-game mods alongside YouTuber UpIsNotJump, just did another perfect mash-up and this time he used one of my favourite games of all time: Bioware’s Mass Effect 2.

With Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody playing in the backdrop, the narration of the Illusive Man, the morally grey villain figure in both Mass Effect 2 and 3, opens up the ‘trailer’ and only adds to the flawless integration of the two franchises. Ekeroth’s keen attention to detail is the overall glue that holds this mash-up together in perfect unison.

We’re at war. Humanity is up against the greatest threat of our brief existence.

With dramatic cameos of some our favourites from Mass Effect 2 such as the mentally unstable Jack, the charming Assassin Thane, and the tank-bred baby Grunt, Ekeroth executed the roles of the Suicide Squad being delegated within the universe that Bioware has created as if the two were meant to be intertwined. It was hilarious, on point, and I think I’ve watched at least twenty times while writing this article. Grunt’s joke around the 1:17 mark had me dying, just like in the game.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself – believe me, you will NOT regret it. Plus you get to see Mordin and his epic singing again, who wouldn’t want that?

Also, don’t forget to check out some other awesome trailers of the Suicide Squad film set to release August 5th of this year.

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