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Mass Effect’s Legion 1:6 Figure Review

written by Liana "LiLi" R. March 26, 2016


Bioware has produced many fantastical universes for fans to lose themselves in since 1995 including that of the Mass Effect Trilogy, which made its debut in 2007. Bioware has teamed up with ThreeZero once more to bring yet another intricate character to life in a whole new way. Meet Legion, the Geth that became the bridge between organic and synthetic life and what it means to be fully conscious and more than meets the eye.


For anyone that knows me, they know that I am a die-hard Bioware fangirl and that includes my 28 runs of the Mass Effect trilogy campaign. Legion became a favourite of mine with his intricate evolution of thought and what it means to do the right thing, even when the entire galaxy is telling you that you can’t. “Does this unit have a soul?” Maybe, but this unit definitely has a sweet new figure for fans to bring home and show off.


This figure is a 1:6 scale that stands 13 inches tall and is fully game accurate. The attention to detail, the mechanical implementation, the finely applied paint, the interchangeable hands to accommodate the Geth Pulse Rifle pictured above – everything about this is out of this world.

When I first unboxed Legion, I immediately noticed the mobility of the figure. The figure itself is made with a high quality plastic but the wrap around the skin and the coils intertwining throughout his armor are all wrapped with a soft PVC that feels and looks amazing. The detailing around the hole in his chest, the paint job of the shoulder piece that he swiped from Commander Shepard, the buffing around the jagged edges – all of it was so well done that I honestly couldn’t say a single negative thing about the craftsmanship. And trust me, I tried.

Another amazing feature is he actually lights up! As LT Ashley Williams so delicately puts it, ‘Flashlight head’ actually lights up like, well, a flashlight. The light-up feature does require AG1 batteries, which are not included.


The detailing of the rifle, the mobility, the scaling – this piece is perfection and I would expect nothing less from ThreeZero, whose reputation for a fine figure is well known throughout the Collector’s Collective. Would I recommend this? Absolutely. Without a single moment of hesitation. 10/10, 1000/10, fantastic piece and a wonderful addition to any collection.

The price bid is on the higher end because of the size and materials used. I picked up this bad boy up during a figure convention but you can order it through Amazon from a few shops that carry it with varying prices, so search wisely!



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