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Masters of the Universe Reboot Set for 2019, McG Out as Director

written by Jordan Cobb April 27, 2017

He-Man may have the power, but he’s gonna have to wait a while to fully unleash it.

We heard in January of last year that the Masters of the Universe franchise was returning to the big screen with a fully rebooted film with McG at the helm to direct it. Well there is at least one major update and that the film will look to go to theaters in about two years.

Sony has confirmed that they have set a December 18, 2019 release date for Masters of the Universe. Well its now confirmed that the movie will certainly be happening, so now fans can continue speculating as to who will take up the role of He-Man this time around. Kellan Lutz of Twilight is still the frontrunner.

But the film will now be without McG who has stepped down as director of the film and that David S. Goyer will be taking over screenwriting duties for the film now. Sony is in the middle of meeting with potential new directors for the project.

One can only hope that it will fair better than the previous attempt from 1987 that starred Dolph Lundgren (who I bet will make a small cameo), Frank Langella, and Courtney Cox. The film wasn’t too well received thanks to its poor story and campy tone, but it has since gained a cult following of sorts from both fans and those only familiar with the movie.

Are you excited for a new Masters of the Universe movie? Who is your favorite character? Who do you want to be in the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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