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Could This be the DJI Mavic 2? Photo Leaked!

written by Dominic Gomez July 12, 2018
possible Mavic 2 photo leak

It seems a photo from DJI’s newest offering has leaked online. If you look at the picture you’ll notice on the arm it says Mavic 2, not Mavic Pro 2. The leak comes from Drone DJ, if you remember, they brought us the leaked photos for the DJI Mavic Air.


There’s a few things to take from this single photo we have. First of all it does look like the drone may be a tad more sleek. It doesn’t look like they’ve removed a lot of heft. Although the Mavic was pretty sleek to begin with, there’s not a lot that can be removed. I’d be willing to bet this will keep the signature folding prop arms.


Something fairly exciting though is the gimbal mechanism. It looks as though you will be able to change out the cameras. If you notice on the Mavic, there seems to be a fairly large sensor camera on the gimbal. On the table just to the left you can see what looks like another camera with a much smaller sensor that is on its own gimbal. Could one of them possibly be a wide angle camera à la the LG phones?


Obstacle avoidance has been pretty solid on the DJI drones and it looks like this will be no different. It looks like there could be some side mounted sensors mounted toward the rear of the Mavic 2. I turn obstacle avoidance off on my drone, but it is very helpful, especially if you are just learning to fly.

See the Bigger Picture

Something to note is DJI actually had an event planned for July 18th. They dubbed it, ‘See the Bigger Picture’. Speculation is the event was cancelled due to some technology not being ready quite yet. Here is a note from Drone DJ that they got from one of their contacts within DJI.

Thank you for RSVP’ing for the ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event on July 18th. Today we are making the difficult decision to push back the event. DJI is committed to introducing the most high-quality, cutting-edge technology in the market. We will postpone ‘See the Bigger Picture’ so we can deliver according to our standard of innovation. User experience is our top priority, and we wanted to ensure we can exceed our customers’ expectations for our technology by the time of the event. Please stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your continued interest and support.


It looks like DJI has something up their sleeve. The only problem now is, do we already know what it is? What do you think DJI has going on? Do you think it’s the Mavic 2? Let us know in the comments.

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