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May’s Free PS Plus and Games with Gold Titles Revealed!

written by Damian Gordon April 29, 2018
Rayman in a boss battle from Rayman Legends

Gaming runs in cycles; beat a game and repeat until the cash comes for a new one. Well, everyone’s catalog will be in luck. A sizable refresh is coming for next month’s free titles as PlayStation Plus and Xbox’s Games with Gold are unveiled.

Games with Gold Gets Some Polish

Let’s start off with Xbox’s lineup, featuring:

Xbox One Games

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (95% Metacritic)
  • Super Mega Baseball 2 (Thanos snapped his fingers. No score exists)

Xbox 360 Games (compatible on Xbox One)

  • Streets of Rage (84% Metacritic)
  • Vanquish (84 % Metacritic)

These games come and go on different schedules, so here’s the rundown to keep you on your toes. Streets of Rage and Mega Baseball 2 will be free for the entire month. Meanwhile, Vanquish is only free May 16-31. Phantom Pain will be available a little longer, lasting May 16-June 15.

Snake on a bike in MGS V, one of Xbox Games with Gold

These games will be switching with April’s titles: Dead Space 2, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, and The Witness. So if you haven’t copped those yet, make sure to log on before the month ends to add them.

Games with Gold has been running on Xbox for a couple years now.  Microsoft usually makes announcements with the service around E3. Sometimes, that is a price hike or new features. If you’re on the fence still, there is a bit over a month left to see what the next year will look like.

PS Plus Keeps on Adding

Ellen Page in Beyond Two Souls, one of the PS Plus games

Looking over to the Sony side of things, there is bound to be a title or two that catches your eye.

PS4 PS Plus users are going to get Beyond: Two Souls and the critically-acclaimed platformer Rayman Legends. PS3 & Vita players are receiving some drops, too, with Risen: 3, Titan Lords, Eat Them, Furmins, and King Oddball. All the titles will be available the whole month starting May 1.

PS4 games

  •  Rayman Legends (90% Metacritic)
  •  Beyond: Two Souls (72% Metacritic)

PS3 games

  • Risen 3: Titan Lords (36% Metacritic)
  • Eat Them (65% Metacritic)

Vita titles

  • Furmins (69% Metacritic)
  • King Oddball (66% Metacritic)

Since Sony is ending free games on the older consoles next year, seeing random smaller titles dished out is no surprise. Sony is that parent that has a new young child called PS4, while the older two consoles are the ones that won’t leave the house. So now they’re cutting their allowance, leaving them out of dinners and avoiding eye contact to hope they get the idea.

Either way, there are some big name titles heading to PS Plus and Games with Gold next month. What titles are you looking forward to? What do you want to see added down the line? Leave us your comments!

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