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McDonald’s made an amazing interactive DJ placemat! [VIDEO]

written by Branden H May 6, 2016

Awesome ideas don’t come around often and over in the Netherlands, McDonalds came up with a truly great one. For one day they released the McTrax Placemat. Here is what it looks like:

the McTrax Placemat

Created by TWBA\Neboko and developed with This Page Amsterdam, the McTrax packs a lot of technology into a slim piece of paper and what an impressive piece of paper it is. A small circuit board on the inside gives access to twenty six individual touch points while a small battery keeps it alive, add on to that blue tooth connectivity to your phone and you have a lot of hardware in a very slim package. It allows you to mix your own voice recordings in with prerecorded loops, synths and other musical effects to become the world’s best McDJ (sorry I had to say it). Joking aside, Chief Creative Officer Darre van Dijk had this to say about McTrax:

This place-mat brings technique, engagement and entertainment together making it ‘experience advertising.’

Experience Advertising has been around for a while now in various forms. QR codes, interactive ads, and the like but McDonalds takes the cake with allowing us to not only enjoy our food, but interact with our friends at the same time.

It is a shame to think it only existed for one day. When I was a kid we played with mazes and colored in figures on simple placemats like these and now, if this were not just a one night show, the new generation of kids could be entertained with more than just their cell phones. Check out the video below of it in action and it is okay to be sad that some of us will never get to try it out.


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